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NXS Media is an integrated digital marketing, communications and PR consultancy dedicated to specialist industries; tech, engineering and manufacturing industries including defence, aerospace, energy, transport, maritime and risk management.

Our team consists of marketing and communications consultants, social media experts and digital content creators. With this expertise, NXS Media provides a one-stop-shop solution for your marketing, communications, PR, and content requirements.

NXS MEDIA is a specialist agency for business to business (B2B) and business to government (B2G) industries. 

  1. Tech

  2. Energy

  3. Defense

  4. Aerospace

  5. Marine, Shipping

  6. Extractive Industries

  7. Logistics & Transportation

  8. Government & Nation Branding



NXS MEDIA is uniquely positioned to specialise in providing Media, Marketing, PR and Corporate Communication services to companies operating in the international defense, security & risk management industries.


The world of PR and marketing is very far removed from the world of defense & security. From experience, we know that many defense & security companies struggle with their PR, corporate communication, brand management, marketing and online presence.


The fact is that those who do work in PR & Marketing know very little, if anything, about these industries. And that shows in the quality of the work. It is very hard to write and about and promote an industry you know nothing about.

As a joint venture, NXS Media is the nexus of both worlds, and it shows in our content…! We communicate and promote your message to your audience. Whether you want a stand alone service or require our advisory team to build full marketing and communications strategies, we know how to deliver your message.

With intimate knowledge of the defense & security industries and market place, NXS Media is best placed to effectively deliver bespoke media production, marketing and corporate communications specifically for companies operating in these sectors.

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